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It all starts here. Whether you're selling, renting, or buying... we provide you with a thorough inspection and review every item with you. You will know the condition of the property to be able to make the best decision for you and your family. 

Modern Bathtub

Want to upgrade your home? Let us help you visualize and actualize your home improvement dreams! This could be cosmetic updates or routine turnover maintenance. We network with local licensed trade vendors and have techs in house to get the job done right.

We specialize in move-out, short-term rental turnover, seller listings, commercial common area cleanings. Our cleaning service is detailed and thorough.  OCD 4 U doesn't claim to be perfect but the standard is a high.

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Tired of that unorganized area of your home? We got you covered and are committed to delivering excellent service. 

Moving in or out? We can take away the stress of packing up the house or helping you unpack into your new home!

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OCD 4 U was made to serve the community by providing quality real estate services. Mental health is a serious issue that clouds our judgement and prevents work from being accomplished. We are here to overcome those obstacles and reach your end goal by your side. 

Creating spacial awareness in a house may seem small but it truly has a lasting affect on how we live our lives. OCD 4 U strives to help you live to the fullest!

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