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  • We specialize in rental and home inspections

  • Get your property inspected in habitability, cosmetic upgrades, code..etc 

  • Peace of mind for now and hopeful for the future.


  •  OCD 4 U wants you to know that there is someone to help you with all the steps in the often complicated processes in the real estate world

  • We are happy to help you navigate the next steps in your path to relief of just about anything real estate-related

What's Included

  • Inspections include photos, problem diagnosis, and resources to fix any  issues

  • Cosmetic suggestions with price ranges to increase and maintain value.

What's Included

  • Planning a renovation, organizing, leasing, marketing, and buying/selling real estate


  • Rental inspection starting at $75

  • Home inspection starting at $315

  • Get an estimate for your needs!


  • Free 30 minute consultation

  • $50 per hour


Real-Estate Consulting

Home/Rental Inspections

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